About Us

For the past 10 years Genius Web Marketing has been helping businesses grow their online presence.  With over 900 clients we have produced astounding results and in 2010 we helped our clients’ sales reach over 100 million dollars through our marketing plans and consultation.  We have created media campaigns with radio, TV and printed advertising combined with online marketing.  This year we have guided our clients to global markets with new campaigns in the UK, India, Germany and China.  We believe there is a customer for every product and our goal is to match that customer to your product.   


We have experts in design, concept, e-commerce, programming, Search Engine advertising and optimization.


Our track record speaks for itself and whether you are marketing to your local city or engaing in worldwide commerce, Genius Web Marketing has a plan for you.   We have full references and endorsements from our many clients and samples of our work can be found on the portfolio page.   Please call or email us with any questions about our company. We welcome your inquiry.