Genius Web MarketingTM has a proven track record expanding our clients’ online presence.  We offer a full range of services to help you customize your website and increase your online business.

Concept Consultation

Do you have an idea for a killer website but don’t know where to start?

We can arrange a consultation to get your project pointed in the right direction. If you have a hobby you want to turn into an online business or an online business you want to make global we can give you the guidance to turn your dream into reality. Meet with one our specialists today and let us help you get your project off the ground.

Our Artists are specialists in making web designs that take on the character and vision of you.

We will guide you so you will never let the design get in the way of functionality of a website and ease of use. We can bring your ideas to life and whether its custom artwork or taking an existing design and improving on it we can help.
Market Plan

Don’t know who your customer is? Don’t know where you should be advertising?

Let our proven team do the ground work for you. We can develop a marketing plan that identifies your core customer and focuses all y our marketing efforts to reach them. You don’t need to know anything about marketing; we know how it works and can help you understand the systems and ways to reach your customers. Call us today to arrange a consultation.
Search Engine Marketing

We utilize three primary ways to market your website to search engines:

Optimization: Optimization is simply making your website friendly to search engines. The friendlier it is to the search engines the more you will appear in higher positions. We go though the code of your website, the content and the structure and make changes that will eventually get the keywords you want. We have had tremendous success and many of our clients place up to 5 times in the top ten keywords they choose. We have experience and success and a proven record and are confident we can help you get the exposure you want for your website.

Organic: An organic listing on a search engine is a listing you don’t pay for when a customer clicks on it. Through many forms of marketing such as optimization, social networks, blogs,and press releases, we get your website listed in the organic areas of all the search engines. We have many samples of our work and our clients constantly place in the top 20 organic listings for their keywords.

Pay Per Click: If you don’t understand or are tired of managing your own pay per click campaign our experts can help. We can help you by maximizing your pay per click campaigns and finding the best keywords. If want Genius Web marketing to manage your pay per click we will present you with monthly reports and suggestions for keywords to better help your search engine marketing.
E-commerce / Online Shopping

We have built various shopping systems for clients based on their needs.

Whether you have one product to sell or need a custom cart design with automated information, contracts, and forms we can help you. We have done all types of Ecommerce projects but our goal remains the same for all: To build a system that is easy to maintain for you and easy for the client to use. We can assist you in design, credit card processing, security shopping online and any special needs you may have for your shopping experience. We never leave you alone when any project is complete we support you both by phone, updates and upgrades when needed.
Social Networking

Facebook is the number one website in the world.

We have developed social networks for in house companies and for public companies and no matter what your needs are we can give you a firm timeline to complete your social network.

Here are some functions we have built for our clients social networks:

  • Mailbox: Compose, draft and check personal site mail.
  • Blogs: Share thoughts, opinions, stories, favorite music, movies, books and anything else with others. Admin can add different blog templates for the users to select from.
  • Chat: Chat online with other visitors in a custom Chat Room.
  • Forum: Create an unlimited number of discussion forums and post comments on others forums.
  • Groups: Create a large community that connects users with friends who share similar interests or affiliations.
  • Gifts: Send real gifts to other users by paying the site owner if payment is enabled or send virtual gifts to users by using virtual money if payment is disabled.
  • Events: The Event Manager posts events and organizes parties and get-togethers quickly and easily.
  • Classifieds: Ads are available to post in any category with the ability to accept responses from other users.
  • Photo Album: Unlimited photo album uploads for sharing with others.
  • Payment Gateways: Paid services and paid membership plans are supported using payment gateways such as, YourPay, 2Checkout and
  • Powerful Search: Find users matching various search criteria.
  • Communities: Builds communities using invite a friend feature. Encourages viral community building.
  • Multiple Admins: Multiple admin creation with different permissions allowing for site management by various admins with varying rights and privileges.
  • Module Management: Enable or disable modules needed by users.
  • Centralized Site Management: Predefines user approval types, album approval types, payment gateway information, etc.
  • Multiple Themes: 30 themes for customized site appearance changes.
  • Switch Mode: Site switch available to enable site to go down for maintenance and alert users to maintenance procedures.
  • Event Tickets: Notification of various events happening to all users.
  • Videos: Upload videos to personal user accounts or link from third party sites like YouTube.
  • Articles: User-added articles for view by others.
  • Music: Users-added music for view by others.
  • Jobs: Job posting feature on job board.
  • Tips: Ability to add tips to various areas.
  • Networks: User added networks for view by others.
  • Shopping: Products added by the site available to users for purchase.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials by users about the site.
  • Point System: Users can gain points for activities and redeem them for gifts.
  • Stories: User-added stories for view by others.
  • Wishes: User-added wishes for view by others.
  • Plan Management: Different plans with different features and services, including free and paid plans.


Whether your business is looking for an online application, programming for your website or a customization to existing software, we can help.

We have created hundreds of custom programs and applications for Social networking websites, e-commerce, and database driven applications. Tell us your need and we will outline a plan and timeline to finish your custom programming.